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Best Photo Spots In Victoria BC

Vancouver Island is a photographer’s dream. From the stunning mountain scapes to the ocean views to the dense forests, there is a little bit of natural beauty everywhere you look. Add in the historic buildings and sights of Victoria, and the photos become even better. Whether you are a professional photographer, or just like to snap photos for your Instagram, you will love taking pictures in Victoria. Below are some of the best photo spots that you won’t want to miss on your next visit:

Ogden Point Breakwater

A popular location for locals and tourists to walk and take in many beautiful sights and sunsets. It’s a cement structure that runs from Dallas Road out towards on the Juan de Fuca Strait to a lighthouse on its furthest end. You will have an opportunity to see Victoria’s busy harbour traffic as cruise ships, ferries, sailboats, float planes, helicopters and as we already mentioned some beautiful sunsets.

Swan Lake

Located right in the city, the Swan Lake Christmas Hill nature sanctuary offers a place for wildlife and photographers to gather. The lake and natural area around it is home to many birds and small animals, and you can take some great pictures while strolling around the trails that circle the lake. Even if you are not there to photograph wildlife, the lake itself offers a beautiful backdrop for a photo.

Clover Point

Stroll the waterfront path near downtown and you will reach Clover Point, a popular photo spot that does not disappoint. Photos taken here have a triple threat: the mountains, the ocean, and a gorgeous pebbled beach all in one photo! The location of this point is perfect for capturing a sunset or some fantastic photos of shore birds or seals in their natural habitat.

Cattle Point

If you are looking for panoramic views of the Olympic mountain range, look no further than cattle point. Although a small park, Cattle Point houses lots of tourist and wildlife activity. This is a great spot to come if you cannot walk long distances or have kids, as the walking trails are very easy to navigate. From Cattle Point you can catch snap of a sunrise, see river otters in the evenings, or see many other types of wildlife too, all with the mountains in the background.

Goldstream Provincial Park

If you are willing to head just outside of the city, it will be worth it for the photos you can get at Goldstream Provincial Park. Visit in the fall and winter to see salmon swimming upriver, or take one of the many hiking trails (with different levels of difficulty) up to see temperate coastal rainforests and rocky outcroppings. These magnificent environments make for a fantastic photo!

Esquimalt Lagoon

This lagoon is a hot spot for bird watchers and many migratory birds make a stop here as they head away for winter and back in the spring. Although these times of the year will be most popular for seeing wildlife, the lagoon offers gorgeous sunset and landscape views all year long. Stop by to take in the sparkling waters and grab a picture alone or with a friend!

Butchart Gardens

This really shouldn’t come to anyone as a surprise as Butchart Gardens has so many amazing spots for photos. A Google image search of Butchart Gardens will give you plenty of places you can take some world class photos that you will cherish for a lifetime.

While these are some of the most popular places to go for photos in Victoria, don’t forget that there are many more great spots around Vancouver Island to snap a picture. Don’t be afraid to explore and get off the beaten track as it may lead you to a breathtaking view and a stunning photo to help you remember your trip for life. If you need help planning your perfect Victoria getaway complete with great photos to remember it by, contact us at CVS Tours today or learn more about our sightseeing tours.