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Victoria’s Best Beaches

The benefit of traveling to Victoria is the abundance of beaches, since we are on an island there are many that we can choose from! Here are some of the best beaches in Victoria to check out on your next trip here!

Dallas Road


The name does not technically describe this as a beach, but you will not be disappointed! All along Dallas road you can experience the ocean in many ways. You can take a drive along the coastline in a car, bus, or bike! Enhance your experience by renting a scooter for the day! On Dallas road you can walk along walkway and enjoy the stunning view. If you’re wanting a more up-close experience you can walk down the (many) stairs and explore the rocky beach! If this doesn’t sound appealing to you, you can always walk the break water out to the lighthouse it is a lovely short 20-minute walk. Rain, or shine Dallas road is worth exploring and you never know what you’ll come across!

Many tourist come in at Ogdon point just off of Dallas road. This is where all the cruise ships doc during the year. One of the most beautiful spots to dock in our opinion!

Willows Beach


Willows beach is filled with many activities. It is about a 20 minute walk away from downtown and they have so much to do there in the summer! They have a large grass field perfect for a family picnic. Don’t want to pack a lunch? They have a concession and tea room.  Willows beach has many events going on throughout the summer such as free yoga and free concerts! Check out their event calendar here. Willows beach is a beautiful long beach that has a cement path to walk along or you can walk on the sand! Be sure to check out some of the creative sculptures that they have there such as the Bohdi Frog by the artist Doug Taylor. Every year in Oak Bay they have a sculpture contest and the one with the most votes wins and becomes a permanent instillation purchased by the city or sometimes even residents if they want the sculpture to stay! Willows beach is fun for the whole family and a great spot in Victoria.

French Beach


If you have a car while in town, French beach is one of the most amazing beaches on Vancouver Island. It is a long drive but well worth it! French beach is perfect for a day trip, bring a packed lunch as it is very far from any stores. When at French beach it is a slight hike down to the water and be aware of the wilderness as it is very secluded so there is wildlife in the area. The beach has many hidden treasures you can walk along the main beach, hike in the forest, and along your way find some amazing spots to sit and relax or go and explore!


What is the most important part to remember if you go to any (or all) of these beaches? BRING YOUR CAMERA! All of these beaches are breathtaking in their own way.  You can get amazing shots of the scenery, sunset, yourself, or your family. It will be an amazing unforgettable time!