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Best Ways To Get To Victoria From Vancouver

Vancouver and Victoria are the two most well known cities in BC, and it is worth the trip for visitors to try and experience both. With their close proximity to each other, it is fairly easy to travel between the two cities. But if you are in Vancouver and want to head to Victoria, there are some fun ways to make the trip. Visiting Vancouver Island is worth the trip, and you can visit for just a day or stay a little longer. Check out some of the options for travelling between Vancouver and Victoria below:

1 – BC Ferries

BC Ferries is a reliable way to cross the Strait of Georgia, and there are a few benefits of choosing this option. First, you can bring your car across for easy travelling once you get to Victoria. Enjoy the fresh ocean air and skyline view, and maybe spot a whale or two. Other wildlife include sea lions and dolphins that often make an appearance on the journey. If you are using this travel method in the spring or summer, you are in for a scenic treat. Another benefit is the shopping that you can do onboard! If you are hungry or thirsty during the trip, there are 3 dining options available. Grab a souvenir at the gift shop while you wait, or just relax and enjoy the ride. The cruise begins and ends about 30 minutes outside of each city, so taking your car is a good idea. But be sure to book your appointment ahead, especially on the weekend, as the ferry can get very busy. If you don’t want to take a car, a shuttle bus is available on either side to take you right into the city.

2 – Whale Watching

While it’s nice to see whales on the ferry over, going out on a dedicated whale watching tour gives you a great chance to see some wildlife. The Prince of Whales Ultimate Day Tour takes you out whale watching while also delivering you safely to Victoria at the end of the tour. The four hour tour takes you across beautiful scenic areas to find the best whale watching spots, and once you arrive in Victoria you will have some time to explore the city. If you aren’t ready to leave Victoria the same day, there are flexible options to spread the trip out over a few days. Finish your tour with a sunset cruise back to Vancouver.

3 – Float Plane

Harbour Air Seaplanes offers a quick and interesting way to make the trip between Vancouver and Victoria with a flight that takes about 40 minutes. This option is great for those who want to experience Victoria just for the day, and there are flexible and frequent departure times that fit around a busy schedule. Arrive early to get a window seat for the best view of the ride at a unique angle! Be sure to book this flight in advance.

4 – Helijet

One of the newest methods of travel between the two cities, Helijet offers the high sights as well as a cool ride. This ride takes about 35 minutes, and there are several flights every day between the cities. One of the best things about this method is that kids under 12 fly free, so book in advance to take advantage of that offer. Also, you can bring your luggage as the allowance is 50lbs per passenger!

5- V2V Vacations

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money, the newest addition to the list of options is V2V. This luxury cruise moves between downtown Vancouver and Victoria, and there are three levels of class that include leather seats, three course meals, and charging stations. Although the trip is only 3.5 hours, visitors will love their cruise, and packages are available that include accommodation or golf!

Once in Victoria, we would love to have you on one of our sightseeing tours.